Mission Statement

The UCSF Program of Research on Mental health Integration among Underserved and Minority populations (PReMIUM) is dedicated to partnering with health care delivery systems to conduct innovative research that promotes integration of mental health and general healthcare. Our vision lies in inspiring collaboration, both within community and research settings, and leveraging talent to create a more integrated and progressive health care system.

Why do we engage with community and healthcare delivery systems?

Engaging with community will enable PReMIUM researchers and partners to strengthen the crucial links between research, practice and system change. By communicating and collaborating, we can improve health and wellbeing of our whole population.


UCSF PReMIUM aims to:

Partner and meet regularly with health delivery systems to set research agendas and areas of focus based on their priority themes. Specifically, we have a strong partnership with the San Francisco Health Network and UCSF Health. SFHN will be actively engaged through triennial consultations to set the research agenda based upon their priority themes.

Create an active advisory board that maintains program leadership, project prioritization and regulations, and feedback. Having an active advisory board is one of the most critical components of UCSF PReMIUM to help leadership prioritize projects, provide feedback on ongoing work, and navigate state and federal laws and regulations to maintain policy-relevance of our research.

Conduct innovative mental health services research aimed at improving mental health integration. UCSF PReMIUM will support integration of care research with decision-makers at health delivery systems as co-investigators. Every study will produce a plain-language research summary on a pressing service question and an academic publication.

Provide program balance in cultivating a variety of areas of focus for all populations. UCSF PReMIUM will monitor their research portfolio to ensure a diverse research portfolio in various areas (e.g., primary care, women’s health, HIV, oncology)

Create a virtual center to provide the UCSF community and providers screening resources, consultation, and toolboxes to aid in assessing the mental health needs of their population. Though this goal is in process, UCSF PReMIUM aims to develop a virtual resource center where the UCSF community can obtain consultation on incorporation of mental health services into their setting and/or assistance with selection of instruments to measure mental health needs in their population (e.g., easiest tools to evaluate depression in primary care). This virtual center could also include networks of researchers and decision-makers in priority theme areas.

Provide opportunities for mentoring and training. PReMIUM is dedicated to training students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty members interested in mental health integration. Master’s, PhD, and postdoctoral research training awards will all encourage clinical placement in one of the major health services.

Dedicate recruitment and retention of diverse faculty. PReMIUM is specifically dedicated to the recruitment and retention of women and minorities to reflect the population in California.