Geriatrics and Mental Health

ealth Outcomes of People Experiencing Homeless in Older MiddlAge Study
PI: Margot Kushel

The goal of the Hope-Home study is to determine the prevalence, severity, trajectory and consequences of geriatric conditions in homeless adults age 50 and older in order to guide prevention, health care, social service and housing interventions. The average age of homeless adults in the U.S. has risen dramatically: almost half of the homeless population is 50 years and older, a significant increase from 20 years ago. Little is known about the role that aging-related conditions play in causing poor outcomes in this population, including the characteristics and consequences of geriatric conditions that may be a substantial factor in prolonging homelessness. In addition, little is known about the role of childhood adversities in psychiatric morbidity among this vulnerable population.

The HOPE-HOME project was funded by the National Institute of Aging.