Homelessness and Mental Health

“Do I Have To Do This Every Time?”: Implementing Psychiatric Screeners in a FQHC that Serves People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness​
PI: Aislinn Bird (PPF)
Collaborators: Jennie Xu, Jeffrey Seal, Melanie Thomas, Christina Mangurian, James Dilley
Health Delivery System Partner: San Francisco Health Network
Funding: UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship via SFHN-BHS MHSA funds

The goal of this project is to inform the practice model for implementing screeners and utilizing the data, within the guidelines of human-centered innovation practices, trauma-informed care and evidence from the AIMS (Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions) Center. Thus, we will investigate implementing two screeners in a busy, urban collaborative care FQHC that primarily serves African American adults who are experiencing homelessness in Oakland, California. Through PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles, focus groups and semi-structured interviews, we will investigate what screening workflow is most feasible and acceptable for patients, providers and frontline staff.